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I Lost Control announces release of new album produced by Dave Grohl.


I Lost Control recently went back into the studio to work on its first full length album produced by Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters fame. “I Lost Control was planning on going into the studio early 2014 to start work on our first full length,” guitarist Toby Tennent said. “Then Steve happened to be riding the Brown line in January. Everything changed.” Turns out Steve met Grohl on one of Grohl’s trips to Chicago. Steve recollects, “I was riding the Brown like and noticed this familiar looking guy. I don’t know…I thought he was in a local band we’ve gigged with. I gave him a nod and a ‘hey’ thinking I may have been acquainted with him at one time or another. Just before the train pulled into my stop he commented, ‘You look like you are in a band.’ I just had time to say ‘yeah.’ Luckily I had an ILC sticker in my wallet which I handed it to him before I alighted.”

A few days later Toby was checking the band’s email and read an interesting email. “It was from some guy named Dave who had listened to our stuff online. He wanted to produce an album for us. I thought it was a joke, but the rest of the band said why not check it out? I emailed him back and got a pretty quick response. It’s then that I realized it was the Dave Groh. I can’t believe Steve didn’t recognize him. He must have been drunk. The timing couldn’t have been better. We had just booked some studio time and Dave was coming back to Chicago the same week for some pizza. We all took some extra time off of work and got ready to record.”


Asked about the experience, Tina exclaimed, “It was awesome! Dave was a genius. One minute into playing he stopped me and showed me a technique in playing bass. I feel like I’ve been playing bass all wrong.” Toby and Steve nodded. “Yeah, my vocals are much better thanks to Dave. He showed me a Tibetan breathing technique taught to him by the Dali Lama. It was a miracle,” Steve said. “After listening to the first tracks, my guitar never sounded better. I was amazed,” Toby added. “The only weird thing was Dave replacing our drummer. We just settled on someone to replace J.B. in the lineup. Dave honed in on that right away and said we’d benefit from a seasoned pro that truly understood our direction and psyche…and it was him.” Steve added, “It was hard to do, but it had to be. We broke the news and then Dave was behind the kit…big gong and all. I was nervous about that, but he made it work. The only thing we drew the line on was the full brass Mariachi backing band he wanted to bring in. Maybe we should have trusted him. He was so right about everything else.”


“My only regret is that Paul McCartney couldn’t make it to our final recording session. He had to cancel at the last minute due to the crappy Chicago weather,” Tina commented. “Yeah, that was disappointing,” Toby quipped.

I Lost Control is excited about the new album, but will have to wait for a while. “Dave wanted it released on his birthday which is in January. We fought him on it, but it was part of the deal,” Toby explained. “Luckily, he agreed to let us release a single for record store day. It’s a limited edition pressing of a song Dave wrote for us called, ‘Rock and Roll Savior.’ Keep an eye out for it!”

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Steven Anderson-Vocals and Guitar

Peter Pan character. Vocalist. Joy Division fan, 

online radio DJ and  cat rescuer.

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Toby Tennent- Lead Guitar

Chicagoan by way of southern England. Guitar peddle gizmo fanatic.
Lover of Mario Cart

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Tina Sunny- Bass

Bass playing vet from Indiana.
Homeopathic whiz. Ninja.

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Chris Bijalba- Drums

Multi-instrumental whizz, techie, pixel catcher.